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Who are we?

American Baptist Men of NYS

Partnering with Men and Boys, Equipping them for Works of Service in the Family of God (Based on Ephesians 4:12)

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

Our Story

Our mission is to bring men and boys into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Our hope is to offer opportunities where men and boys can serve and grow side by side to the glory of God.

Young men need the guidance of older, more experienced men. That guidance is often gotten through the witness of the actions and choices of others. Older men need guidance at times and to be a guide at others, to serve by using and sharing out of their growing experience and maturity.
All men need opportunities serve and practice their faith and ministry in order to grow further. Our prayer is to offer opportunities to reach out and serve beyond your local congregation. Serving in this way develops broader perspectives of Christian ministry and witness. 

Meet The Team

Chris Blackwell - President

Rich Russell - Treasurer

Bob Kern - Secretary

Dave Cross - Communications Chair

Charles Thomas - Vice President

Leroy Woodruff - Disaster Relief

David Daniels - Pastor/Counselor



American Baptist Churches
of New York State

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